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Analysis of the popularity of LED lighting lamps in China

Date:2016-03-30 14:25:03 View:
LED lighting lamps and lanterns to use LED as a light source, compared to general lighting lamps, has more advantages. Energy saving and environmental protection do not have to say, its high efficiency and long life is in line with the people's use of psychology.
Over the past two years, LED lighting in commercial and industrial fields obtained rapid development, but with the progress of technology, at present LED lighting lamps and lanterns has begun to enter the field of home lighting, and achieved good results.
At present, preventing LED lighting products to enter the civilian market factors are mainly two aspects: on the one hand, the community's awareness of LED technology and products is still in the primary stage, the expert survey results show that, the Chinese consumers to cognitive clear LED lighting ratio is only 25%, LED lighting lamps and lanterns to popularize and improve consumer awareness is still the key.
On the other hand, due to the LED lighting lamps and lanterns compared to traditional lighting products higher prices, the family, the vast majority of users see is the cost benefit of short-term, and will not be long-term energy efficiency placed first in consideration. Therefore, permeability of LED lighting has been difficult to satisfactory.
In order to enhance the permeability of LED lighting fixtures must start from these two aspects, in the popularity of such knowledge at the same time, to promote the productivity of the technology way to gradually reduce the price of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, and promote the worldwide popularization and application.
I believe that with the rapid progress of LED lighting technology, as well as consumer confidence in the increase of LED, the future of LED lighting will be the future of lighting.
LED lighting will be the future of lighting design and bedroom lighting mainstream, play an increasingly large role.