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Guangdong to seize the commanding heights of LED visible light communication

Date:2016-03-30 14:23:41 View:
Scale of semiconductor lighting industry in Guangdong province accounted for about 70% of the country, in the government's attention, industry development and technical basis, market application has lead, hope Wu Jiangxing of the PLA Academy team seize the province full implementation of innovation driven development strategy opportunity, actively carry out technical cooperation and exchanges with the province, the national visible light communication technology innovation alliance will be located in Guangdong, visible light communication technology to promote the industry in Guangdong. " Guangdong Provincial Science and technology department director Huang Ning before the birthday in a meeting with Chinese visible light communication industrial technology innovation alliance preparatory group leader, the liberation of the former PLA Information Engineering University President Jiang Xing Wu academician said the remarks, indicating that the Guangdong future will rely on the advantage of LED industry, preemption may see optical communication the one trillion industry development the commanding heights.
Talks, Jiang Xing Wu academician fully recognized in Guangdong, the sound of the semiconductor industry chain, said it would consider the hand with the Guangdong science and Technology Department, and semiconductor lighting industry in Guangdong Province joint innovation center to promote China visible light communication industrial technology innovation alliance fast operation, promote the development of visible optical communication industry. The two sides also agreed to hold a recent conference on visible light communication technology, to jointly promote the rapid industrialization of the technology.
It is understood that visible light communication technology is high speed light emitted by fluorescent lamp or led to the naked eye can not see the flashing signal to transmit information, wire device of high speed internet connection in the lighting device, insert the power plug can be used. The system made of this technology can be used to cover the range of indoor lighting, the computer does not need wire connection, and therefore has a wide range of development prospects.
At present, the visible optical communication has become the United States, Japan and European countries in the field of communication studies battleground, China's 863 plan in 2011 deployment of visible light communication technology research, after more than two years of scientific and technological research, in modulation bandwidth expansion, real-time transmission rate, fusion network architecture has made a number of important research results.
LED lighting optical wireless communication at home and abroad is still in the exploration and the initial stage, but have been shown to attractive application prospect can not only for indoor wireless access, but also can provide a new method for vehicle mobile navigation and positioning. Car lights are basically using LED lights, can be composed of automotive and traffic control center, traffic signal lamp to the car, car to car communication link. In the future, it will be possible to surf the Internet and call on the plane through visible light communication technology.
Insiders said that Guangdong as a scientific development in the first place, the gathering of the national communications, more than half of the leading enterprises in the lighting industry, has a good foundation for the LED hardware industry. Provincial Science and Technology Department of the exchange, Wu Jiangxing, a line of academicians, will further promote the development of Guangdong to seize the commanding heights of the visible light communications industry, and effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of the entire LED industry. It can be said, the introduction of the current, nurturing and development visible light communication will have to strengthen the advantages of traditional leading LED industry in Guangdong, is conducive to the cultivation of Guangdong LED industry to develop new growth points, is conducive to the realization of LED industry and related industries the depth of integration and development, has important strategic significance.