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LED lighting sales go high market uncertainty

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Starting in 2013, the domestic and foreign related LED related product sales are continuing to go high, drive sales volume also increased accordingly. Global LED vendors are running steadily in their tracks. We have invested almost all of the energy in all aspects, from R & D and production to sales channels, all aspects of convergence are in an orderly way. 2013 LED lighting market development is flourishing. In 2014, the development of LED lighting industry will embark on a new height?
Enhance the comprehensive strength to adapt to the international market
If it is said that in 2013, the major LED manufacturers still is how to reduce the price of goods rack my brains thinking countermeasures, so 2014, manufacturers have the more attention to research and development of products, patented product, technology research and development technology and patents. In fact, last year the LED chip industry of total sales revenue and total production is disproportionate, it simply is a manufacturer to produce a lot of products, work overtime workers busy, but did not increase much income, which is very let people tangled and confused. So, from this point of view, LED product sales price should not appear significant decline, and this trend will continue into the next one or two years.
Last year, a lot of LED companies are on their size, production status, the overall structure of the re adjustment, acquisition, swallowed, mergers, not uncommon. The ensuing patent problems surfaced. Each company to avoid the risk of the measures taken by the different, and some to strengthen their own technology R & D, and some are the formation of a patent pool, or some other methods. For example some company mainly R & D high power, large area, high luminous efficiency of the LED chip, such companies will be for some in the LED industry details more prominent small companies for the acquisition. In this way, companies in some of the minutiae of technology to increase the, the overall comprehensive strength also increased with the, but also solve the patent, its in the international market further development opens the new breakthrough.
Packaging market size to ease the pressure of survival
LED lighting market has been considered to be the most important and most promising applications of LED chips. In 2013 the total output value of lighting products reached three billion and seven hundred million U.S. dollars, in the overall LED of the total value of the photovoltaic industry occupies a large proportion. Experts predict that in 2014, the total production and sales of LED lighting products will increase, the proportion will be further increased. The development of the lighting market is good, and then bring the packaging market to the highest point of history. Marching in the global lighting market, the rapid development of the tide, seize the opportunity, will be the key to decide whether packaging companies to a new high. Do chip companies began to do the package, or directly to do the lighting products. Involving a wide range of the company's technical level and size have higher requirements, leading to some small businesses can not be qualified for production needs. The resulting phenomenon is a large enterprise annexation of small businesses, small businesses to each other as a coalition. In fact, this is in the use of large-scale production to ease the pressure to survive.
Accelerate the pace of transition to clear the direction of development
Domestic, home lighting market started, making a lot of traditional lighting manufacturers gradually joined the ranks of the LED lighting market. 2013 LED light source to replace the traditional incandescent light source, the upsurge of LED manufacturers to develop a new year's development strategy has played an important role. Major manufacturers in 2014 will set up a new brand image, reduce production costs, reduce the purchase price, continue to increase promotional tools to meet the new round of the LED lighting market test.