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Inventory: 2013 LED industry hot technology

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Imperceptibly, and to the end of a year, back in 2013, the LED market is getting warmer, the rapid development of industry, innovation. The LED market continues to introduce new technology, new technology is new hot words. EMC, flip, flip, free packaging technology market set off climax. In the old and the new addition to the occasion, LEDinside together with you if they deserve to be the new technology of historical memory.
EMC package
EMC Chinese name for epoxy molding compound, also known as the epoxy molding compound, is one of the main raw material for IC (integrated circuit) package manufacturing. Along with the development of IC packaging technology, EMC as the main electronic packaging material has also been rapid development. EMC with its high reliability, low cost, simple production process, suitable for mass production and so on, it occupies more than 97% of the entire microelectronic packaging materials market. Now, EMC is the tentacles extend to the semiconductor devices, integrated circuits, consumer electronics, automotive, military, aviation and other packaging areas. EMC, because of its excellent heat resistance and suitable for large-scale modern production, to provide excellent solutions in the field of LED packaging applications.
EMC is the change of epoxy material and etching technology in molding device package a highly integrated framework, etching copper substrate makes epoxy and copper substrate holder has larger contact area and relative to the PPA thermal plastic plastic EMC itself adhesion strong, make EMC products in anti moisture and red ink penetration and unique advantages, the encapsulated form source to IC package, but there are different in the IC packaging. Due to the change of material and structure, the EMC product has the characteristics of high heat resistance, anti UV, high integration, high current, small volume and so on. Especially to significantly enhance the anti UV performance, makes the EMC product application field greatly expansion, can deal with outdoor lighting and automotive lighting, such as poor and humid environment, the already mature ceramic high-end packaging products formed favorable impact.
EMC due to its high heat resistance and has attracted a lot of attention for the pursuit of high price, in the LED industry super current use has become a consensus, however the current used also risks and opportunities coexist, which the biggest risk Mo too heat. At present industry EMC general packaging process: using formalwear / vertical structure, small power chip and low thermal conductivity of insulating glue chip is used as adhesive and wire bonding, powder, cutting so as to realize the production of finished products.
EMC (epoxy molding compound, thermosetting epoxy resin) not only promote with the availability of Taiwan LED crystal power plant, billion, Lunda, East Bay, new century this year in the third quarter greet the season outside, also let Taiwan factory lighting market in the mainland can compete with the Cree.
Are looking for alternative materials, lighting factory, EMC as scaffolds encapsulating technology concepts into the best choice for high price, with the Taiwan LED related supply chain factory quickly launch related lead frame, chip, package products and successfully shipped and effectively reduce the lighting of a single product cost of 2 to 5 percent, also led to this wave of EMC in the second half is expected to leap to become the mainstream technology, lighting factory.