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Five elements to determine the technical development direction of LED lights

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With the earth's greenhouse gas row to put the problem is becoming more and more serious, approaching the critical point of a self - regulating earth, many countries have introduced relevant policies, including China, governments around the world that required urgent implementation of energy-saving emission reduction (carbon dioxide), the LED lamp is the most energy-efficient green environmental protection electric light source, a natural lighting energy-saving emission reduction the main options, with decrease of LED lamps cost and price, the popularity of speed is accelerating, before 2020, LED lamp market possession rate will exceed 50%.Reduce the cost of LED lights
LED chip occupies the main part of the cost of LED lights, and thus reduce the cost of LED is the main way to reduce the cost of LED chip. The key to the development of LED chip technology is the base material and the epitaxial growth technology. The base material from the traditional sapphire material, silicon and silicon carbide, the development of new materials such as Zinc Oxide, gan. In a few years, with the help of a series of technical improvements, including chip structure, surface roughness and multi quantum well structure design, LED has achieved a great breakthrough in the light effect. Silicon cost is low, technology in continuous progress. However, the luminous efficiency is not satisfactory, if you keep this pace of development, once reached a high level, a silicon substrate become the main technology solutions to become the inevitable choice, enterprises will also get great economic returns.
Improve the light efficiency of LED lamp
Provided high efficiency can also start from improving the proportion of light. Film chip technology can reduce loss of output light on each side of the, with bottom reflector to more than 97% of the light from the positive output, the power conversion to get light most are available light, not only significantly improve the light efficiency of LED, it also provides the advantages of convenient conditions for the lens design. Thin film chip technology is the core technology of super bright LED chip production at present.
Improve the color of LED light
In the high brightness white LED, a small part of the Blu ray Stokes after displacement has a longer wavelength. This is a good thing, because it makes the LED lamp manufacturers can use many different colors of the phosphor layer, thereby expanding emission spectrum, effectively improve the color rendering index of LED (CRI). High CRI using white LED fluorescent powder obtained is a cost, because the efficiency of Stokes shift will cause white LED lower than single LED. But for most lighting applications, rather than high CRI and LED light efficiency is slightly lower.
To improve the efficiency of the LED lamp power supply
Do not limit the power flow tube is a constant current control, constant current power amplifier or control, to solve the problem of power supply. When the switching power supply chip work is the need for a relatively stable DC voltage for the power supply of the chip, the working current of the chip from a MA to MA range. Like fsd200 and, such chips NCP1012 and HV9910 is high pressure self feeding, use is convenient, but high pressure feed, resulting in IC heat rise, because of the IC to withstand about 300V DC, as long as a little current, even if a Ma, there are three watt zeros to the damage of consumption. But general LED power of ten watts, the loss of a few tenths of tile will let you down a few points of the efficiency of power supply. As a typical QX9910. Using electric resistance, drop, so, the loss in the resistor, about a loss of its zero a few watts. There is a magnetic coupling, is used in the main power transformer, and a coil winding and auxiliary winding like flyback power supply, which can avoid the loss of this zero a few watts of power. This is why not also one of the reasons for isolated power supply transformer, in order to avoid the loss is zero a few watts, the efficiency of a few points.
To improve the reliability of LED lamp system
The overall efficiency of the LED, the service life and reliability can be improved by optimizing the system can be.
Source: compact, efficient, select the appropriate color and output power.
Control and drive: constant current drive and control the use of LED implementation of electronic circuit.
Thermal management: to achieve a longer life must control the LED node temperature, the use of new technology of the heat dissipation model calculation and new materials is a hot technology LED lamp.
Optical element, lens, the reflector or guide plate material is focusing the light in the target area or scattered around, this should be decided according to the design requirements.
With the rapid development of LED technology and the LED lamp shell light effect gradually increased, the application of LED lamp will be more and more widely. Especially with the global energy shortage problem is becoming more and more serious, LED lights will be replaced incandescent lamp, tungsten filament lamps and fluorescent lamps are the inevitable choice. In addition, in the aspect of interior lighting design, LED will be more intelligent, diverse and artistic.