The implementation of China's green lighting project, promote the optimization and upgrading of the structure of the electric appliance industry and the overall promotion of product quality. Statistics show that the output of energy-saving lamps and incandescent lamps than by the 1996 1:34 rose to 1:1 in 2010, the global market share of energy-saving lamps from 1996 to 2010 increased by 85% in. This has undoubtedly promoted the popularization of high efficiency lighting products and the general improvement of the awareness of the whole society lighting electricity saving. Up to now, has been through the promotion of financial subsidies to promote energy-saving lamps more than 500 million, to promote the rapid development of semiconductor lighting technology and the promotion of semiconductor lighting products.The government's emphasis on energy saving projects and promotion is not only to start the green lighting project, the elimination of backward technology production capacity has also developed a roadmap. November 4th of this year, the national development and Reform Commission issued the "China phase out incandescent roadmap", proposed from October 1, 2012, according to the power of the phased phased ban on imports and sales of ordinary lighting incandescent lamp. According to the NDRC, energy-saving lamps than incandescent lamp power from 60% to 80%, the use of longer life.
For lighting products certification rules and technical norms, China Quality Certification Center also introduced the relevant policies, such as the LED lamp energy conservation certification rules "," reflective self ballasted LED lamp energy conservation certification rules "," general lighting with self ballasted LED lamp safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification Rules ", the LED road / tunnel lighting products energy-saving certification rules". Three LED lighting products energy saving certification technical specification also released: the LED road / tunnel road lighting products, energy-saving certification technical specification ", the LED lamp energy-saving certification technical specification", the reflection type self ballasted LED lamp energy-saving certification technical specification ". With the official launch of the certification work, LED product is expected to enter the country as early as the national government procurement list of energy-saving products and energy-saving products waste management project subsidies directory.
Thus, countries in energy conservation efforts has to cover various fields, from the enterprise to improve the production of energy-saving products to participate in the relevant certification, to enter the government procurement list and so on, the government energy-saving work in further deepening and multi-level marketing. From the big trend and direction, the future government procurement will become a pioneer in the field of LED lighting project.